The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Rainstorm!

The other day we had quite a rainstorm! The kids
were out playing and running through the sprinkler
when it started. It was warm enough that they just
kept playing in the rain! They had a great time!

Matthew and Joseph jumping on the tramp
with the sprinkler.

Matthew, Hollister Hogle & Joseph Anderson

Alec was at his friend Cameron Dickson's
house when the rain started. They had
a fun time playing in the rain too! Cam's mom
took these photo's of them having a soaking
good time!

Cameron and Alec soaking wet!

Playing in the gutter!

Worm anyone?

Later that night Courtney and friend Kiley Williams
were laughing and having a heart to heart on the
tramp. It brought back fond memories of similar
times. Hanging out on the tramp, sleeping on the tramp,
laying out on the tramp. Friends and a tramp, isn't summer
time great?!

Then...Matt played so hard he fell asleep in the tub!
He let the water out first, but it still scared me!

Girls Cabin Trip

We went to my friend Peggy's cabin at the end of May - it was a girls only trip. We had such a great time! We went for a bike ride from Midway into Heber, stopped for a treat and rode back to Midway. It was so enjoyable to visit, play cards, eat, watch a movie and enjoy the beautiful scenery. All that and we were only gone 24 hours! Whew!

Me, Nicole, Candy and Jelene - Yup I'm the one
without a helmet. (unless you consider my hair-do
a helmet, which sometimes does look like one!)

Candy, Jelene, Nicole and Peggy

Jelene and Nicole

As we were driving up to the cabin, there in
the road was a baby moose! The pictures are
a bit blurry but it was fun to see it! We are
just happy we didn't see the mama. I'm sure she
was close by just watching.

Courtney's Last Day of Junior High!

Here are a few pictures of Courtney's last day of school at Spanish Fork Junior High. She has great friends and they have such fun together. They are wonderful kids on the inside and out!
Court writing in yearbooks

Court and Jerika Durfey

Courtney, Jerika & Bethany

Courtney, Jerika, Bethany & Lissa Hanks

Courtney and Madi Frame

Court, Bethany, Jerika and Kylee Wolf

Madi, Courtney, Bethany and Kylee

Court and Jerika

On the bus headed home - Courtney, Derek Sorensen,
Jade Hall and Jerika Durfey

Courtney and Braden Gull

Matthew's Preschool Graduation

Matthew graduated from Little Steps Preschool this year! He had a great year of learning all he needs to know to start Kindergarten in the fall. It's hard to believe that he will be going off to school!

Matthew and teacher Carrie

Teacher Joan

Waiting to begin and lovin' it! :-)

My little happiness!

Getting his certificate!

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day 2009 was a beautiful, sunny day. After church we all gathered at Mom and Dad's house for a BBQ. What could be better than food, family and fun? I am so grateful for my mother and all she has taught me. She is a beautiful, kind, strong and giving mother and friend. I don't know what I would do without her! Love you mom!
Cynthia, Mom and Me

Melissa, Cynthia & Tiffany
My boys - Matt and Alec climbing the stump in the front yard!
Alec, Michael & Dakota

Mike on his hot new sweet 16 car - His girlfriend left him
this note. Love makes us do the darndest things!


Trey and Matt climbing

Sterling and Tim

Dad, Ellie and Cynthia eating the good grub!

Brian, Logan and Mom

Scott, Tiffany, Melissa, Steve, Tyler & Brittany

Isn't this classic? Men gathered around the grill -
Tyler, Sterling, Brian, Dad, Scott & Tim