The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

Alyse Cushing & Cindy Lundell

Making Crafts

Oh the dirt...piles of shoes outside tents!

Courtney and Sam Ford

Summer Highlights

We have an annual camping trip with our dearest group of friends: The Van Ausdals, The Wilsons, The Martins & The Robisons. Between us all there are 18 kids. We have a great time sitting around the fire, playing games, eating, visiting, hiking, four-wheeling and watching our kids get dirtier and dirtier. What a great time!

Playing Cards

Watching movies in the trailer

Alec my boy...

Peggy & Nicole

The Manly Men - shooting clay pigeons
Ken, Don, Tim & Shaun

Courtney Wilson and Miranda Martin

Don and Nicole Wilson

Laughing and Eating...

Summer Highlights

It has been a fun and busy summer - here are a few of the highlights...For those that don't know, I have been the Young Women President of our ward for the past 2.5 years. So we started the summer with youth conference at East Canyon Resort. Then it was on to girls camp up Heber Canyon at the Lindon Stake Campground.

Youth Conference 2008

Leader Tent - Cindy Lunell, Me, Neely McEwan, Alyse Cushing

Shopping for food....

and more food...

and more food!!!

Lake Powell

We recently went to Lake Powell with Tim's work - Best Vinyl. We stayed on a gorgeous houseboat and had some great R & R. We had a terrific time! Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Vest for staying with the kids!

Pictures from the beautiful but gruelling hike...

Tim in a narrow part - a good part of the hike
was in water at least this deep.

Vance's Boat -

Here we go...

Okay I'm trying to get with the program and start blogging. I know just enough to be dangerous and not enough to do anything really fancy. My Nieces Tiffany and Melissa will have to help me!