The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

YW Leadership Retreat - Park City

After a long and busy summer, we decided we needed a Young Women Leadership Retreat! I am so blessed to serve with women whom I love, admire and also really enjoy spending time with.

We have served together for 3.5 years...which means we have been together through 4 Girls Camps, 4 Youth Conferences, 4 New Beginnings Programs, 4 YW in Excellence Programs, approximately 200 weekly activities and 200 Sunday meetings. Whew! As you can see we really spend a great deal of time together! These women have become my dear friends - they are great leaders and the young women are so blessed to be able to look to the example these women set.

We stayed at the Westgate Resort in Park City, had dinner at Baja Cantina (and had the displeasure of sitting next to a table full of girls having a bachelorette party. It took a minute for us to realize that they were drinking their drinks out of penis straws and the bride-to-be was wearing a headband with bobbing penis's on top. Needless to say it made for an entertaining dinner! We were actually amazed they would have such a public display with no regard for the families and people dining.) After we hit Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory we went back to the condo and played a game, watched a movie and talked until about 2:30 AM! It was so much fun to laugh and have fun without the regular everyday pressures.

We were up at 7:30 AM, got ready and headed out for breakfast. (The highlight of breakfast being a trip to the restroom and noticing while I was washing my hands that there was a urinal on the wall!!! What the?! Then it hit me..."Oh my gosh, I'm in the men's bathroom!" I heard the door open while I was in the stall and then who ever came in quickly left. There was a man and his wife whispering as I walked by and he said" That's the one..I recognize her toes!) Oh my how embarrassing!! I really needed more sleep I guess! Then we did a little shopping and headed to the Alpine Slide and Coaster.

Sadly, our advisors and assistant camp director weren't able to make it, but Karen Weight, our camp director came with us. She had to head home a little early on Saturday to take her daughter to a soccer game, that's why she isn't in any of the slide and coaster pictures.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful time...whew, I need a nap!

Riding the Coaster...I loved this ride! Next time
Jan needs to go in front of me. I like a nice
easy ride and she's a WILD woman with a need
for speed! She bumped into me and told me to
get the lead out! LOL
(back to front: Neely McEwan, Alyse Cushing,
Jan Anderson, Me.)

Jan getting ready to ride like the wind baby!

Neely at the end of the Alpine Slide...She did it!
She was so nervous that it would be a wild ride
but it was just great!

Me, Neely, Alyse & Jan

Riding the ski lift up the mountain...

Alyse, Jan, Me and Neely at the condo.

Neely getting ready for the day.

Karen Weight and Alyse Cushing

Playing the Cowgirl Game...really fun!
Alyse, Neely, Karen and Jan

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We spent Labor Day Weekend in Park City. We started the weekend out by attending the Sheep Dog Competition with our game group friends, at Soldier Summit - They had all kinds of booths and activities for the kids. Courtney and Bethany weren't to into the whole thing or we might have stayed longer, but it was fun to see the training that goes into the sheep dogs. We didn't really do anything spectacular the rest of the weekend, we just relaxed by the pool, browsed the shops, and rode the Alpine Slide. Tim & Alec rented some bikes and went on a long ride on Monday, we also went to a street fair that was really great - live music, craft booths, activities for the kids, etc. It was really great to get away and spend some time together! The best part wasn't camping! YIPPEE!

Courtney, Bethany and Me waiting while Alec
and Matthew played on some blow-ups.

The boys got their arms and faces painted everyday!
Alec got a snake...

Matt as Blue Batman!

Alec with a baseball and Matt with a spider-web.

The condo has a pool house/activity center that
has a Wii, toys, dress-up stuff, books, puzzles,
games, basketball, shuffle-board, as well as
daily activities every few hours. We really had a
fun time spending time there - Here is, Alec with
one of the hats on!

Matthew - what large horns you have...

Building a tower with the blocks!

Courtney and Bethany relaxing in the hot-tub.

Alec playing the Wii

Matthew playing with the toys

Riding up the mountain on the ski lift to ride
down the Alpine Slide

Me and Matthew coming was so much
fun! Matt was SO scared at first, he cried and
pitched a fit until we got going and then he loved

Court and Bethany


Courtney and Bethany

Goofing around...funny girls

This is one of about a dozen pictures of these
two laying around watching TV on the bed!

More face or arm painting in the case...another snake!

Coloring at the Sheep Dog got a
free ice cream if you colored a picture and
turned it bad you had to be 12 or younger
girls! Awww!

Getting painted...

Mr. Tim relaxing...

Everywhere we went, Courtney and Bethany
would disappear. When they came back they
would have a new picture of themselves on
a roof - here is one roof photo!

Not the roof, but the upper window!
And a good time was had by all...