The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Release...

After 3.5 years I was released today (Sunday, October 25, 2009) as Young Women President. I have loved this calling with all my heart and then some. It has given me the opportunity to strengthen my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ and has blessed me with the opportunity of serving with the most amazing women. I have learned so much from them through their examples. And best of all I have had the pleasure of knowing and loving the most spectacular girls. They are strong and beautiful and give me hope for the future! It has been the busiest calling I have ever had and has brought the most joy as well. I will miss my weekly association with everyone and feel a bit lost. It's hard to remember what I used to do before my time was consumed with planning and attending weekly activities, organizing meetings, attending meetings, girls camp, youth conference, and having so much fun in the process! Jan Anderson, my former 2nd Counselor is the new president. She will be fantastic and I know the girls are in great hands!

I have loved being so close to Courtney and so involved in everything she does with the YW. It's hard to believe that she will be 16 and a Laurel in April - she turned 12 a month after I was put in the YW in March 2006. I have been hoping for a change for a while and know it's the right time, but now that it's actually happened my heart is a bit sad. Tim and I have been called to be the Activities Committee Chair people - basically planning the ward parties and some other activities. I'm looking forward to working with Tim and having a bit more free time to pursue the things I love to do.

I am so grateful for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have grown from my opportunity to serve the YW and for that I'm so blessed! Thanks to all those in my life that have helped me the past 3.5 years. Like they takes a village. I couldn't have served without so many people to help with my children when I have been gone for days at a time during the summer months, for Girls Camp and Youth Conference. Between my family (my sweet mom and my Tim-man in particular) and friends they have given countless hours over the years. So, thank you so much!

It's been quite a ride and life is good!

My Presidency - Alyse, Jan, Me and Neely
How I love these ladies - we have had such fun

Alyse, Cindy, Me, Neely and Jessica

My many sweet and beautiful girls...

Our last activity together - Laser Tag

Having fun after laser tagging -

Gonna miss you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This and That #2

Grandpa Larry took Alec, Matthew and Tim fishing a few weeks ago. It's always a great time to go fishing with Grandpa and the boys love it! Especially the snacks...nippy cheese, sweet pickles, green olives and a nice salty cracker. A breakfast for champions!
G'pa with Alec and Matt

There were some Salmon spawning that the
boys watched - they thought it was cool!

Riding in the fishing boat! I like your pink life
jacket Matthew!

Timmy giving us his best smile! Ya goof ball!

Grandpa Larry waiting to catch "The Big One"
or have his pole pulled in by it - which did happen!

My boys...

Sitting around the camp fire - it doesn't get
any better than this!

Beautiful Country...

Catching craw fish - yum!
This year Alec played flag football for the first
time. He had a great coach, learned a lot and
also had tons of fun. They took 2nd place overall
after the other team scored with 12 seconds left in
the championship game! It was a painful loss
but still a good experience!

Alec sweating after running during the game!

Good Play!


A little blurry, but shows Alec's strength - he
is a big kid and the tallest on his team!

Clipping on their flags.

Grandpa & Grandma Vest watching the game.
Alec earning his Bear award in Cub Scouts!
He has been working on this for almost a year
and finally got it accomplished - we are so proud
of him!

At Pack Night - Tim is the Cub Master and was
able to present him with his award. Good Job!
These are some random pictures that I thought were cute - Courtney loves to mess around with her camera and I thought I would post some of these cute pictures!

Courtney and Matthew -

How lucky can you get? Matt doesn't
give these out easily! I hope it stays
that way!

My Pretty Girl...
Next is...The Dew Tour! Alec has begged and begged to go to the Dew Tour for a couple of years now, so Tim took the boys and spent the day in SLC seeing all the sights. The boys are still talking about the great day they spent with dad. For those of you not familiar with the "Dew Tour" it's a big skateboarding, BMX bike competition. Total testosterone!

Inside Energy Solutions Arena watching the
skaters warm up.

Monster Trucks...

Autographs with skaters who hope to be the
next Ryan Scheckler!

Rides on dirt bikes...this was the highlight! I
think Alec was about to burst he loved it so
much! He wants a bike so badly!

Even Matt got to ride!

I think this is Matthew trying to ride alone -
he later crashed and had to have a little help as
you can see in the next photo.

Getting some instructions!
Next random picture is my new very short haircut...


And last of all...Tim building the club house this
summer. It's a work in progress and the boys have
really enjoyed working on it with Tim all summer.
I think they will still be working on it next year too!


You can't see it, but the club house is raised 6
feet in the air on posts. The kids have to climb
a ladder to get up into it. They love it!