The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

Okay...The first day of school for Courtney and Alec was last week on August 19th. Court started high school at Salem Hills and that is bizarre! How did she get that old? Alec started 4th grade. Both went out the door happy and excited - Mom was a little sad, but no tears were shed. week later, Matthew starts Kindergarten. Oh my, I thought I would be just fine, but my heart felt heavy and I could feel the tears coming. When Matt is nervous he puts his little hands in his pockets and slowly walks into the situation he is nervous about. So off he goes with his hands in his pockets. He is so brave and I'm standing there like a big boob! This is my baby!!! I'm holding it together until I see my neighbor who's wife passed away a couple of months ago. He's bringing his little girl to Kindergarten too - His little girl is having a bit of a hard time letting go of dad. At that point I'm headed to the about losing it! I talked with the dad in the parking lot and we cried for a minute together. I'm so grateful to be here to take my baby to school with a mostly happy heart, and I'm grateful for good dad's who carry on when it must be ever so hard at times!

Matthew my baby handsome!

My little Happiness...

He didn't ride his bike to school, but Alec had
his picture taken on his bike the first day, so
Matt wanted a picture just like his big brother!

Sitting at his table...

Big Al ready to head out the door...

My Sunshine Boy...

Riding to school...

My beautiful girl Courtney

Our Sweet-Pea & Princess...all grown up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lake Powell with Best Vinyl 2009

We went on the annual Best Vinyl Lake Powell trip this past week. It was an awesome trip! We went to see Rainbow Bridge, hiked to some Indian ruins, hiked "The Crack," played cards, relaxed, jet skied, water skied, surfed, tubed and just had a great time. Of course I didn't do all those things, but I did have the option if I was adventurous enough! What a great way to show appreciation to their employee's. We are so blessed to have Tim work for such a great company and also with such great people!

We stayed on Vance Barrett's house boat -
Me and Tim at Rainbow Bridge

Dave & Loni Thorpe, Natelli & Dave Johnston
Me & Tim & Gaston Lazarte
Working up the courage to jump...
Hitting the water...not sure who it is!

Notice the guys in the corner - how small they
are in comparison to the rock above!

The kitchen

Dave Barrett and Brandon Brooks playing
Guitar Hero

Brandon concentrating...

Playing a balancing game where you bend down
on one foot with no hands to pick up a paper
with your mouth...pretty fun to watch! In this picture
Natelli Johnston.

Jerron Johnson, one of the young
bucks on the trip - I gave him a hard
time about his 3 tattoos. This is his
newest one. A mother's horror! :-)
At least this mother!

Vance Barrett trying to pick up the paper.

The guys also played a stick game where you
balance and twist your body around in different
ways. Again, fun to watch! Dave Thorpe in this

Dave Barrett

Quen Hawkins


Me and Tim

Brandon Brooks and Gaston Lazarte


Tim's boss - Dave Morrison with wife Christine

Emily & Greg Freeman



CEO - John Morrell and Tim

Dave Barrett, Mark & Lindsey Stubler

Tim with Natelli and Dave Johnston

Loni & Dave Thorpe, Zack & Carrie Clayson & Jerron

Cary & Margo Kaeding

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Hightlights - Camping with Friends!

We went on our annual camping trip with our "game group" friends over the 4th of July. There are 5 families: The Wilson's, Van Ausdal's, Robison's, Martin's & Beardall's. Between us we have 18 kids - 28 people in all. We have a great time together! The kids all have friends to play with, they hike, ride the 4 wheeler, play cards, explore, eat and get REALLY dirty! We are so blessed to have these friends in our life. We hope that we will still get together when we are old and gray and the kids have all moved away! (The Van Ausdal's weren't able to make it this year and we really missed them - thus no picture of them!)
Home away from home...

oooh! What the heck kind of bug is this?

Court, Me and Tim

Matt on Court's lap - Megan & Don Wilson in
the background.

Jelene saying don't take my picture! Whitney
and Paige.

Sydney, Nicole, Megan & Don Wilson

The teenage girls having a bite to eat...

Colton, Matt and Sydney playng on the wheeler.

Heave Ho...If we can't ride we'll push!

Having a chat...

Don, Shaun & Zack getting ready to shoot some
clay pigeons.

Go Paigey!

Beautiful Whitney

Don, Shaun and Courtney W.

Me shooting for the 1st time...didn't like it at all!
Scared the crap out of me!

Boys will be boys...

The ladies going for a walk...
Candy, Jelene, Nicole and Megan

Court and Me

Candy, Christine, Jelene and Nicole

That's my girl...

Don Jaun


Mike and Tim

Megan taking the little ones for a ride.

My Matthew

Paige thinking about...something!

Miranda and her new puppy.

Wyatt, Zack and Alec - aren't they cute!


Chopping wood the easy way!


Coco, Matt and Syd

Courtney W., Tiffany Cain and Megan

Pagie, Courtney B., Miranda and Megan playing cards.


Jacklyn and her mama Nicole

Mike and Jelene relaxing...