The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Courtney's First Date...PROM!

Courtney was invited to prom by Hayden McClellan. He attends Maple Mountain High School so of course that is the prom they went to. As I write this she is having her first date and making fun memories. I'm waiting up for her anxious for all the wonderful details! Here are a few of the pictures of Prom...

Hayden delivered a box to Courtney at school...inside was a puzzle she had to put together.

The Answer...

Courtney and Hayden

At the school going into Promenade

Pictures outside...

Their prom group - what gorgeous modest dresses! Well done girls!

Courtney was the first girl to be picked up. She got in the Excursion and she was the only girl nestled in between these guys. It was a little weird to watch them drive away with my girl...

These aren't your mother's prom shoes...
Nice and flat so she wouldn't be taller than Hayden!
Pretty Princess...

Getting the up-do!

Hayden sent me this text right after we left Promenade. He is a gentleman and such a respectful and nice young man. A great boy to take my daughter to the prom.

Courtney's Surprise Party 2010

Courtney's girlfriends planned a surprise party for her 16th birthday. They pulled it off without her suspecting a thing - which is amazing! While Shelby took her to dinner everyone gathered at Shelby's house. They hung out around the fire pit and lots of friends came and went all evening. What a great bunch of friends to make it an awesome 16th birthday! Thanks to the Ainges for letting 25-30 kids hang in their back yard!

Surprise! Court's face turned bright red!

Courtney Turns 16!

It's official! My baby girl has turned the ripe old age of 16. A right of passage in so many & driving of course are the most exciting at the moment. (At least for Courtney) It has been such a delight to watch her grown into such a beautiful young woman. She is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. It scares me to think she could be out on her own in just a couple of years! It has really made me think about how quickly time passes and that we really must make the most of every moment!

A new Ipod Touch...

Happy Birthday Court!

The marquee at Fast Gas!

Jerika, Court and Brooke. Some of Courtney's guy friends decorated her room with balloons and brought her treats for her birthday!

Activities with Alec...

Pine Wood Derby time again! Tim and Alec had a good time making another car and racing it this year...

The Green Goblin...

Kayson Oss and Alec

All the 4th grade classes held a dance festival at their school where the girls dance with their dad's and the boy's dance with their mom's. They taught us all kinds of different dances. It was such a fun time with by boy!

Mom and Alec -

Dancing the Virgina Reel? I can't remember!

Matthew's Kindy 500

Matthew's Kindergarten class had their first ever "Kindy 500." They each made their own kindy car and then they got to go on a tour in their car. They visited the Statue of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, just to name a few stops. Grandpa Larry agreed to play Abraham Lincoln and did a great job! Matt thought it was great to have grandpa be a part of such a fun day at school.

Grandpa Larry as Abe

Matt and Abe...