The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cabin Trip at Oxford, Idaho!

It started out with a bang! We picked the kids up from school early...or at least we tried to. Courtney was not happy about going away for the weekend. She wanted to stay behind and go to the Salem Hills High School basketball game. I actually had to go into the lunch room and find her because she ignored the note to come out. We almost had a little scene! So after that, we got on the road and made our way to Oxford, Idaho (about 3 hours away). Our friend Shaun knew of a great cabin to rent that would hold us all! We are quite a crowd too - between the 5 couples we have 18 kids! This cabin is nestled on the hillside all alone with fields and fields to snowmobile in. The cabin had 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen and 2 sitting areas in addition to a giant loft area- it was 3 levels in all. We had plenty of room for everyone to play, read, nap, eat, visit or do whatever! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends that we enjoy spending time with. On Valentines Day we set the kids up with pizza and a movie projected on the wall and off the adults went to Downata Hot Springs for their "Steak & Soak" special- it was so fun! The funny thing was, some of us ladies didn't bring our swimming suits, but no problem because they rent them. Sick I said - NO WAY! But guess what...I rented and so did my friends. We didn't like our suits, but we still had fun and thank goodness it was dark! What a fun weekend! We had an awsome time - hopefully we will make this a new tradition!

And so it begins...Courtney is happy!

Matt is happy to go!

So is Alec!

Our posterity - at least 12 of them!

Jelene, Mike, Zack & Emily eating some soup.

Shaun & Candy

The Ken Man.

Jelene & Mike - we are so tired! Fakers! No really!

The Ken man playing in the snow with the kids.

I am Mike -

I think this is Jacklyn - what a good-lookin' girl and sled!

Alec Lovin' Life!

Spencer possibly?

Don Juan - lounging about...

Having some lunch and a little conversation

Tim & Alec - ooh, yummy soda!

Geez - we are a trashy bunch aren't we? Ha!

Breakfast on the final day...

Tim and Alec -

Shaun - What are you thinking?

Courtney & Whitney

Peggy and Chrissy having a mother-daughter chat!
Actually it was Peggy trying to avoid having
her picture taken!

Sitting around...

The Martin's (Colton, Miranda, Wyatt & Candy)
winding down after a fun day of play!

The Robisons (Paige, Mike & Zack) time to
go to bed!

You can't see it very well, but we are all in the
Downata Hot Springs swimming pool. We went
for their Valentines "Steak & Soak" special! It was
about 17 degrees outside, but we were toasty
warm. We left all 18 kids back at the cabin!

Playing cards - Don, Tim, Peg, Candy, Nicole & Mike

The girls sitting around reading...even my Courtney

Nicole all bundled up for a ride!

My Alec boy
Courtney and Whitney

What a crowd!

I think this is Megan -

Me - getting ready to go out for a ride!
Why did I do my hair?!

Alec and Me

Shaun and his 10 lb. candy bar!!!

All the teenage girls hanging out...Miranda,
Whitney, Courtney B., Courtney W., Paige &
Chrissy. (Megan is missing!)

The little girls - Sydney, Jacklyn & Emily

Some of the boys - Wyatt, Alec, Spencer & Zack

Jackson the cutie...

Matthew playing with his Transformers!

Megan reading a good book...

Kenny creating with the Magnetic Mosaic...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Matthew's 5th Birthday!

My baby turned 5 today! I can't believe it has been five years. Is it okay to have some baby weight still on? Ha - the sad thing is, I lost it all and have gained it back! Matthew is such a great little boy - I call him my "Happiness" because he truly is such a happy little boy. He is very funny and has a wonderful sense of humor, even at age 5. He has a great imagination and in content to play with his Transformers (latest craze for him) or Bakugan balls (weird to me since my other kids didn't ever get into that stuff) for long periods of time. He loves to watch those same shows on TV too. He loves to snuggle and read books with me too. We did the cake and ice cream thing with the family on his birthday and he wants to go to "Jumpin' Jacks" with his best friend Joseph this week. Happy Birthday my little Matty boy!

Snow day at preschool! A few day's
before Matt's Birthday!

Matthew & Trey on Matt's Birthday!

Nephews Michael & Dakota

Little Avery

Visiting with the family.

Ellie & Avery (Great Nieces)

Girls with Steve - Avery's daddy

Blowing out the candles!

Opening Presents

Courtney and niece Madi

Brother Brian, Sister Cynthia & Niece Melissa w/ Avery

More Presents!

The was time to get ready for church!

Opeing a few presents in the morning - can you
tell what his latest obsession is?

Happy Birthday!

I'm 5!