The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This and That

This is sort of a random "this & that" entry. Just wanted to share a few of the activities we've been doing this week. Courtney turned 15 on Tuesday and of course she insisted that we rush right over to the DMV to get her driving permit. We arrived with her social security card, small laminated birth certificate card and proof of address only to discover that the little laminated card isn't accepted. We had to drive all the way back to Spanish Fork and get the original copy out of our safe deposit box. Back we went to Orem for the test. Well....two flunked tests later we were on our way home. With me driving. (yeah!) You can only take the test twice in one day, so she went back to school with her head hanging low - Oh the shame! :-)

The next day I picked her up from school and off we went again. She took 3 practice tests online the night before and scored 90% so she was feeling confident! Needless to say she passed! (3rd time's the charm) She drove us home - on the FREEWAY! She is doing quite well, but I'm not really sure about always being the passenger now! Oh the control I have to give up! aaah! I'm thinking I really should have a brake installed on the passenger side - just for my comfort!
Ha Ha Ha!

The Proud Moment!

"The Permit"

Alec's Pinewood Derby was on Wednesday - He and Tim have been working on his car for a few weeks. (or truck in our case) Alec was disappointed that his truck didn't do better in the competition but he still had a great time racing and looking at all the fun cars. Here's a picture of a few of our favorites!

Our cute "Cub" Scout!

"The Pink Flame"

Looks good enough to eat!

Pretty unique - and it did very well too!

This is my favorite - it didn't do well in the race
but it sure looks awesome!

The man that does our derby has a computerized
program that clocks the cars and posts the times
on a big screen. It also tells who is on deck - It is
a fantastic setup and the kids love it!
Also on Wednesday (just a little later) we went
to our Young Women activity and made chocolate
covered pretzels. We were at Jessica Linde's home
and enjoyed making the goodies and then delivering
them to some ward members. We always have a good
time together even when we do something simple.

Some of my girls!

Neely, Me and Jessica

Kiley and Courtney

Kiley, Courtney and Amanda

Courtney and Amanda goofing off!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We started a new Easter tradition last year of having a family breakfast on the Saturday before Easter and holding our own Easter egg hunt. The city egg hunt is so barbaric! It's like vultures on a carcass! So we hold a nice friendly egg hunt for the kids and then have a great breakfast. Last year Sterling cooked made to order omelets and it almost killed him! We have too many people! It was nearly midnight when we finished - ha ha ha. This year we went with 4 types of breakfast casseroles and they were really delicious! It is really wonderful to spend time as a family and take time to celebrate the blessings of the Savior. Mom and Dad were in Idaho visiting Jason and Amber and their boys so we missed them but are glad they could go and spend time with Jason. Everyone else that missed all the fun - we hope you get your sorry butts out of bed next time and join in the fun! Ya big party poopers! Thanks to Cynthia and Sterling for hosting yet again - they are so generous to open up their lovely big home to accommodate our ever growing family!

I am very grateful for my Savior and all he has done for me - my life is very blessed! At this time of year, as new life is blossoming everywhere I am so thankful that we too can start fresh anytime we want to improve and do better. After the winter comes the spring - I stand all amazed! Happy Easter to all...

Corbin, Alec, Trey, Matthew and Ellie - getting
ready for the big egg hunt!

The teenagers - Michael, Madison & Courtney
Aww - too old to hunt eggs!

Steve and Miss Avery - ooh - she is so cute!

Melissa - feeling rotten with an
ear-ache and 7.5 months pregnant!
But she looks great!

Mr. Sterling Rees - hanging back and watching
the festivities!

Tiffany & Scott

Me and the Timoteo

My sister Cynthia

Counting their loot!

Miss Madi - no one else from her house came!
We are so glad she did!

Avery - yummy!

You gotta love the glasses! We couldn't leave
them alone - put them on and your world changes!
You turn into a goof-ball!

Scott and Steve

Cynthia and Me

Beautiful! :-)


Madi and Court
Tim and Sterling
How about a little kissy-poo!

Matthew holding one of his prizes!

Alec picking from the prize table!
Matthew and Alec coloring eggs!