The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Palisades 2009

Every other year we try to go on a vacation with my parents, my 3 brothers, 1 sister, plus all the grand kids. This year we opted to do something simple and less expensive by going camping at Palisades. It is a beautiful little place with a lake, golf course, walking trails and showers! It was great to spend time visiting, playing games, and watching all the kids play together. It rained almost every day for a little while and then it would clear up and be nice. It was a little cool but I didn't mind that at all! Better to put on a sweater than sweat in my opinion!!

The tent trailer we rented - our home away from home!
Courtney, Dakota & Madison - Dakota doesn't
even know what to think of these crazy girls!
Courtney and Madi - the photographers!

Lindsey looks delighted doesn't she? Madi &
Courtney are goofs!

Jason, showering one of the twins - you can only
do this for so long...then you get arrested!

My Matthew boy

Trey & Jaden - you can't slow these boys down,
even with a broken arm!

Alec - he searched all over and found enough
golf balls to fill a 5 gallon bucket. He thought
that was awesome!

Dad, Tim and Alec playing a game I don't know
the name of!

In the tent playing...Jaden and Brigham or Brighton
(I can't tell them apart!)

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha - Jason

My Brother Brian

Tiffany and Ellie

Corbin and Scottie

Sterling and Logan

Baby Kyson - only a week old!

Melissa, Avery, Kyson and Steve

Cynthia puttin' on her face...

Brittany & Tyler

Brigham or Brighton...

Amber in a rare photo - she is alone!
No kids on her lap! Yippee!

Grandpa Larry and the twins...

Brian taking a snooze...

Sitting at the beach - Jason, Mom & Brian

Melissa, Avery & Cynthia

Cousins playing and having a ball!

My Matthew - what a grin!

Jason in rare relaxing won't last long!

Grandma Charleen and the twins...

Ellie - the bathing beauty...

Courtney and Madi on the paddle boat!

Court, Dakota and Madi

Lindsey, Madi and Court making friendship

Briggy and Bright -

Courtney, Charleen, Amber and Cynthia

Court, Mom, Me, Amber and Lindsey

Amber taking picture of her babies...

Jaden riding his bike...

My brother Jason

Matthew riding his bike and loving it!