The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

St. George with "The Club" 2009

Well it's that time of year again...YIPPEE! Once again I headed to St. George with my girlfriends and had a great time! We stayed in a beautiful condo and enjoyed lots of shopping, eating, laughing, movies, bingo, and especially each other. Thanks for another great trip my dear friends!

Getting gas and a drink at Fast Gas in Salem
before we hit the road - can you tell it was a
bit windy? (Shellie Jensen, Alison Peterson,
Cindy Nelson, Jennifer Hanson and me.)

First stop...a pedicure - aaahhhh!

The results...

Dinner on Friday night...delicious!

Alison getting jammied up...

Cindy getting ready in the morning - she will
hate me for posting this picture! :-)

Jen getting her hair done...

Surprise - me ironing - yes even on vacation!

Pretty ladies, all ready for the day... (Shellie)

Cindy - with dry hair!

Shellie, me, Jen and Cindy


Cindy and Silly Shellie with her sunglasses
on upside down...

Allie and Jen - do you notice the sick thong in
the background? If you know about this trip,
then you know my friends buy a nasty thong
every year and hide it in my stuff and just wait
for me to find it. I try not to react but I just can't
help it! I usually end up finding it when we are
in a public place! Some of the old ones find a way
of showing up on our trips for some laughs...
just for the record I do not and will not EVER wear one!

Jen making us laugh in one of the thongs from
years past...

Shellie trying on the thong they bought this trip!
(and hid in my wallet - which I found as I went
to pay for my dinner at a mexican restaurant!)
The hilarious thing was we didn't realize the window
right behind her was a window into the restaurant.
We thought it was a little shop that was closed
because the windows were dark, not the overflow
room for the restaurant! Then we noticed people
laughing from inside! I guess you had to be there,
but it was very funny!

One of our fun stops...

Jennifer and an interesting statue at TJ Maxx

Trying to pose like the statue...but I couldn't
bend like that...try it!
I dared Jen to get in this giant pot...she could
have gotten all the way in and hid!

Another dare...Shellie and the geisha woman!

We met up with Cindy's mom Connie and her
sister Jill. They came to dinner with us...

Oh the snacks...we won't go hungry that's
for sure!

Watching a movie at the condo - Shellie and Alison

Jen all snuggled up in her blanket...

Getting ready to head for home, the final pose!

Loaded down! Alison bought us all a cute big
bag to keep our purchases organized, but we
over-flowed even those! But we got a lot of
Christmas shopping done!

Awww - it's over so soon?

Jen our driver...
Thanks for a relaxing and fun trip my dear friends!
And thanks to the great hubbies we left behind to
take care of all our kids! You're great!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Family Photos...2009

We had some new family picture taken - they really turned out great! Thanks to Amber for sharing her talent and being willing to take our pictures. What a great looking family if I do say so myself!

The whole fam dam...

Larry and Charleen with their 5 kids
(Brian, Jason, Bradley, Cynthia & Christine)

The Tim & Christine Beardall Family

Christine and Tim

My beautiful Courtney girl...
My handsome Alec boy...

My sweet Matthew

Reflections Contest 2009

Alec and Matthew both submitted projects in their school Reflections Contest. Alec did 2 projects and took 1st with his 3D clay project. Both received free tickets the the Clarke Planetarium and a certificate. Alec's project will now go on to the district level...we will see how he does. Good job boys!

The theme was Beauty Is...

Alec with his certificates

First Place a boy, beauty is a good
game of ball!
The eye is made of beads - it didn't place but
he did a great job.

Matthew made an awesome rocket!

Halloween 2009

Well - Halloween as come and gone once again. It seems like I just posted pictures from last year! It's always fun to see the costumes, but a pain in the rear to come up with them! Here are a few pictures of the fun...

Matthew at his Kindergarten program -
telling about the letter B... B is for boo in a
scary scene, you will hear it on Halloween!

The Red Power Ranger without his mask...
no masks at school - it might scare the
Kindergarten kids!

Alec and his friends Nate and Kayson - all dressed
up like girls this year - too funny!

Kayson Oss - seriously a cute girl/boy!

My slender ballerina boy Alec...

I thought this picture was so funny - they all
had boobs and just couldn't stop poking each
other - nasty little boys anyway! :-)

Oh My!

On G'ma & G'pa Vest's porch with the scary stuffed man!

Alec - notice the pink painted fingernail!

Our ward Trunk or Treat produced some great
costumes - here are a few of my favorites.
Jason Stewart (our Elder' Quorum President)
as "Dog the Bounty Hunter" cuffing Tim...

Clay Cushing as the Wheaties Man

Alyse Cushing as a wicked witch -
quite glamorous too!

The McEwan Pirate Family!

Sister Sean Weight - from bare chested
Nacho Libre' last year to totally covered up!

The porch and pumpkins...

Tim and his sister Karen - I took this Halloween
morning as they were going over some papers.
They both had to wear a pair of reading
glasses to see anything...geez it stinks to get old!