The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camping at Lodge Pole 2010

We decided to go camping the weekend before school started and amazingly, pretty much the whole family was able to come for either all or part of the trip.  It was beautiful, peaceful and so much fun to play cards, read and just spend time together.  It was a great weekend and a nice way to end the summer, so to speak.
So glad everyone was able to come!  (I have converted to the "new" publishing format and now can't figure out how to move my photo's around or add captions - It will let me add a caption on some but not all photo's, so bear with me.  When I try to move a picture or delete one it bumps it to the bottom.  Grrrr!  It's ticking me off!  This post looks all messy and I'm getting too frustrated to mess with it!  If anyone has some pointers let me know!!)

Grandpa Larry teasing everyone without his teeth! 
Oh - the difference some teeth make!
Madi, Court and Jerika
Trey, Matt, Alec, Corbin and Ellie
Cynthia painting her face...

Courtney getting hair washing...

All rolled up...

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