The Beardall Family 2009

The Beardall Family 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice Skating

It was my great-nephew Corbin Harrison's 7th birthday today! We were invited to go ice skating at Peaks Arena to celebrate his special day. It was fun to see everyone having such a great time together. Corbin is my niece Tiffany's oldest child. My kids have such a fun time with their cousins and enjoy every minute they are together. Who would have thought that I would have kids young enough to play with Tiffanys kids?! That's what you get when one starts having kids when they are older and one starts when they are younger. Tiffany & Scott will still be young when their kids leave the nest. Tim & I will be in wheelchairs! Lucky us! We went to Tiffany and Scott's house afterward for pizza and dessert! It was a really fun afternoon.

Me & Cynthia

Alec & the birthday boy - Corbin

Tiffany & Trey skating

My Cynthia, Melissa & Avery

Michael & Cynthia

Tyler, Melissa, Avery & Cynthia

Tyler & Michael helping their mama on the ice!

Aunt Cynthia helping Matthew skate!

Alec on the ice...

Ellie & Matthew

Weekend Cabin Trip

We have a group of friends that we have been getting together with for many years. Each year we have a weekend trip to a cabin in Midway canyon where we hang out and play games, watch movies, visit and snowmobile, we eat pretty darn good too! We have such a great time and look forward to it every year! Here are a few photos of our quick trip. The whole group consists of 5 couples (Tim & I, Shaun & Candy Martin, Mike & Jelene Robison, Don & Nicole Wilson and Ken & Peggy Van Ausdal) We missed Mike, Jelene, Shaun & Candy this year, but are looking forward to another trip with everyone in February - even the kids! (28 of us in all - Oh boy!)

My sweet friends Peggy, Nicole & me

Ken & Peggy Van Ausdal

Don and Nicole Wilson

The Tim Man and the woman with her eyes closed!

The Ken Man

Donny Boy

The Tim Man

Don & Nicole out for a ride...

Ken & Peg out riding...

A beautiful day in Midway Canyon!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tubing at Soldier Hollow

On Saturday we went up to Soldier Hollow in Midway and went tubing. If you haven't done this it is SO MUCH FUN!!! It's a bit pricey but in the end worth it! You have to call for a reservation because they only let so many people on the mountain at one time. They schedule in 2 hour blocks all day and into the evening. We went from 2:00 - 4:00 PM and the weather was just perfect! Sunny and bright and even though it was cold it somehow felt warm! When we got there we checked in and then bundled up and walked over to the tubing hill where there are chairs set up for spectators and chose a tube and got in line to be pulled up the mountain. Once at the top you can choose from 6 runs and down you go - SO MUCH FUN!!! Once at the bottom, get in line and go again and again until you can't stand it any more or until your 4 year old has a melt down - he he he - This is a great family outing, one I think we will do again!

This is the way to tube! Lay on your tube and
the the cable pulls you up!

Courtney, Alec, Matthew & Dad before the
fun begins!

Matthew on his little tube - he is not happy
or excited about our adventure!

Waiting in line - such hard work to go tubing!

How about a snack...

Tim the tuber!

Courtney talking on her cell phone - she needed
a break from her tube rides!

Matt asleep - he had had enough of this!

Courtney asleep with Matt

In the car on the way home - tubing is so much

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was really great! After the shopping is done and all is wrapped and loose ends tied up, it is so wonderful to spend time as a family and reflect on the wonderful blessings we have enjoyed during the year. We are so blessed as a family and are so grateful for the abundance we enjoy each day... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I put all my pictures in backwards and I'm too tired to re-do them all so....they go from bad to good! :-)

Alec's Gingerbread House on it's way to the trash!

Pre-Garbage - He did a great job!

Sterling, Tim and Brian eating on Christmas Day

Tim snuck away to take a little cat-nap at
Mom & Dad's on Christmas day

Brian and Dad playing Backgammon - as always!

Yummy, yummy food - cracker anyone?

Brittany, Tyler & Brad

Matthew on my Shiatsu massager

Tim making the Yummy Patotoes!

Getting ready to film Santa's delivery....

Tim, taking a turn on the massager

Courtney's pile - Good morning Sweet-pea

Matthew made the "nice" list

Alec did too....

Annual SLC Christmas Trip

Twenty years ago my Mom started a tradition during the month of December. She takes my sister Cynthia and me to Salt Lake City for the weekend to Christmas shop. It started out as just an overnighter but grew into a full weekend event. We leave early Friday morning and return late Sunday afternoon. We always go to the Kurt Bestor concert on Saturday and then to Music and The Spoken Word on Sunday morning. It is a treasured time for us to re-connect and spend precious time together - without kids or husbands. The past few years we have invited our daughters to join us for dinner and the concert and then they are quickly sent on home. :-)
I truly love this weekend with my dear mom and sister. It is really the only time we spend time
together with just the three of us. It becomes even more dear as the years pass and our families change - as life gets busier and children grow up, sadly we spend less and less time together. Mom puts us up in a beautiful hotel - it was always the Inn at Temple Square until it was torn down a couple of years ago, now it's Little America. Momma Char treats us right and we have the greatest of times, laughing, eating out, shopping, movies, the concert and we finish up with a wonderful spiritual morning on Temple Square. I so love and enjoy this weekend each year!

Cynthia & Mom

Kamie, Melissa & Courtney

We stopped at Mike's swim meet while on our trip

Macaroni Grill before the concert
Me and Mom in our room at Little America

Courtney & Grandma waiting to eat at Macaroni
Grill before the Kurt Bestor Concert

Me and my Sis

Cynthia and Mom - what a lovely room!

Me, Courtney, Kamie, Char, Melissa, Tiffany,
Cynthia at the concert